Epilepsy Blocker

Did you just notice that?

Epilepsy Blocker analyzed the GIF below in real time and found that it's safe for people with photosensitive epilepsy to view

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cat gif

This is dangerous GIF slowed down

Why should I add this?

The internet can be a dangerous place for people with photosensitive epilepsy. There are cases where flashing GIFs have triggered epileptic seizures (Source)

There even more extreme cases where flashing media content has sent hundreds of people to the hospital with seizures (Source)

How does this work?

Epilepsy Blocker uses a specialized algorithm based on the work of leading scientists in photosensitive epilepsy, like Dr. Harding from Cambridge University and Professor Binnie from King's College London. It's a chrome extension that blocks dangerous, flashing GIFs as you are browsing the web

I'm Alex, nice to meet you

I'm Alex, the one man show behind this product. I started building Epilepsy Blocker after realizing how dangerous the internet can be for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Now, my dream is to help millions of people stay safe online

FAQs 🤔

What is photosensitive epilepsy?
What is a chrome extension?
Does it work on desktop, mobile devices?
What makes a GIF dangerous?
What is the algorithm behind this?
I am 100% safe when using this?
Does it work on every single website?

Public Roadmap 📝

Analyze GIFs for dangerous flashes

Make it work perfectly for general browsing (eg. Wikipedia, googling around visiting random websites)

Make it work perfectly for Facebook, Twitter

Make it work perfectly for 9GAG, Reddit (very soon)

Analyze GIFs for dangerous red transitions (soon)

Analyze GIFs for dangerous striped patterns (soon)

Blue filter, like the Zeiss Z1 glasses (soon)

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe for $1 a day ($30/mo)

For beta testers, at the price of two cups of coffee per month ($10/mo)

Why isn't this free?

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  • Animated GIF analysis
  • Video analysis (Coming soon)