A beautiful and accessible online world for people with photosensitive epilepsy

A set of tools to help you increase your website's accessibility

What is photosensitive epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects about 1% of the population. Around 5% of people with epilepsy are photosensitive, meaning that flashing lights and patterns might trigger seizures also.

There are cases where flashing GIFs on computer or mobile phone screens have triggered seizures

Photosensitive epilepsy, like all types of epilepsy, affects millions and can be lethal

What is this exactly?

Epilepsy Blocker uses a specialized algorithm based on the work of leading scientists in photosensitive epilepsy, like Prof. Graham Harding, as well as the guidelines of Ofcom and WCAG (Source)

It can detect dangerous images, GIFs and videos. There are three main things that may trigger a seizure
1. General flashes
2. Red flashes
3. Patterns like stripes

Why should I add this?

All the features and the details behind each one

Become more accessible
The American Community Survey estimates the overall rate of people with disabilities in the US population in 2016 was 12.8%. That's a large piece of the market not being able to access your online business

Stay ADA Compliant
Every business is considered a “public accommodation” and should be able to be used, understood and accessed easily. Settlements on ADA website compliance typically range from $5,000, to $50,000, to millions

It's good karma
At the end of the day, we all know that it's the right thing to do. Especially when it comes to photosensitive epilepsy, we should be extra careful since seizures can be lethal

Let's make the world a little bit better

Of all earnings, 10% goes to Epilepsy charities, while the rest helps us build free tech for the community (example) 💜

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